Staying one step ahead with defence tech

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19 Oct 2023 | TECHNOLOGY

Staying one step ahead with defence tech

// Story by Benita Teo / Photos by Kenneth Lin, Chai Sian Liang & courtesy of DSTA

Singapore's first fully customised submarine, electronic warfare capabilities – the efforts of defence engineers and scientists were honoured at this year's Defence Technology Prize ceremony.

Ms Foo had the chance to sail on a submarine, as part of research to develop an indigenous and custom-built underwater platform for Singapore. [Photo: DSTA]

Senior engineer Jovin Foo has experienced something few have ever had the chance to do – sail on a submarine!

As part of the team working on the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN's) latest Invincible-class submarine, she spent two years in Germany, developing and testing the new underwater stealth platform.

Impeccable sailing into Changi Naval Base on 20 Jul this year. The Invincible-class submarines are more manoeuvrable and feature enhanced warfare capabilities as well as improved habitability that make them safer to operate. [Photo: RSN]

Lean, mean underwater fighting machine

Sailing underwater for periods "long enough to be homesick, but not long enough to be seasick", Ms Foo and her team had to make sure the submarine's habitability modifications passed the test.

This included designing to accommodate a mixed-gender crew, affixing more beds to allow each submariner to have a personal bunk, and building to suit Asian sizes and reach.

Ms Foo (front row, second from right) with her team at the launch of RSN submarines Impeccable and Illustrious in Kiel, Germany on 13 Dec 2022. [Photo: DSTA]

Said the 28-year-old, who is from the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Naval Systems Programme Centre: "We carried out a lot of modelling, simulation and human factor engineering studies to make sure that the missions could be conducted successfully.

"For instance, we modelled the consoles to make sure the tilt and angles were suitable, and built (the facilities and equipment) to suit Asian sizes (as the original submarine was designed for German users). This would help prevent workplace injuries."

The underwater sail proved helpful as it allowed the team – comprising DSTA, RSN and DSO National Laboratories personnel – to better understand the Navy's operational challenges and requirements.

"Prior to sailing, I could not appreciate how compact everything on the submarine was, and how difficult it was (for the crew) to operate valves and handles.

"(Sailing in the submarine myself) definitely helped me understand submarine operations, and why there were specific challenges and demands (on the design)," she explained.

Military Expert (ME) 6 Samuel Teo (right), Head Logistics Systems Development in the Submarine Project Office, receiving the Team (Engineering) Award from Dr Ng on behalf of the Invincible-class Submarines Team.

Honouring the best in the field

For their work on the Invincible-class submarines, the team received the Team (Engineering) Award at the Defence Technology Prize (DTP) 2023 ceremony. They had worked together to deliver these submarines, which are the first to be indigenously designed and custom-built.

The team selected the Type-214 submarine from German manufacturer Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, and incorporated advanced automation and sense-making systems to give the RSN a strategic edge in defence.

(from left) Ms Foo, Mr Neo Ya Kai from DSTA, ME6 Teo and Vincent Toh of DSO are part of the team that developed and delivered Singapore's first custom-built submarine.

In addition to enhanced habitability, the customised Type-218SG platform featured improved mobility, such as Air Independent Propulsion systems to allow it to stay submerged for longer, and fuel cell technology that makes the boat more silent and stealthy.

A new decision-support engine also provides recommendations to helmsmen and provide greater situational awareness to the crew.

The team received their award from Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen at the DTP Award Ceremony held at the DSO Auditorium on 19 Oct.

The annual ceremony, which is into its 34th year, recognises individuals and teams who have made significant technological contributions to the defence capabilities of Singapore.

In his speech, Dr Ng highlighted the importance of maintaining the close relationship between the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Defence Technology Community (DTC) to give soldiers a fighting edge.

"We must do all we can to maintain these virtuous and intricate ecosystems – to attract and nurture talent for both, to deepen defence tech-ops collaboration… to maintain trust and respect through open communications and deepen understanding.

"And above all, to maintain that same sense of this critical mission to protect Singapore and secure our future," said Dr Ng.

Mr Chan (right) receiving the Individual (Engineering) Award from Dr Ng.

Building an indigenous defence system

The ins and outs of electronic warfare are a closely-guarded secret – no developer will sell you their most powerful or advanced systems.

That's the reason that Singapore must develop its own capabilities in electronic warfare systems to maintain its edge over adversaries, said DSO's Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (Electronic Systems Division) Chan Su Wee.

"Electronic warfare capabilities are impactful and will give armed forces the ability to create surprises in battlefield. Sometimes one surprise is all it takes to turn a situation to our advantage," added the 51-year-old systems engineer.

His journey in DSO began in 1996. Ten years later, he moved to focus on electronic warfare systems, developing defence systems for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The push to find means to always stay ahead of the adversary is what has kept Mr Chan excited in his job for 27 years.

Challenging and never boring

This year, Mr Chan was awarded the DTP Individual (Engineering) Award for almost three decades of contribution to the SAF. This is his second DTP award – he previously won the Team (Engineering) Award in 2020 for Advanced Electronics Systems.

Electronic warfare is a constant push to stay ahead of the adversary's ability to intercept and degrade our own systems, and this is what has kept Mr Chan excited about his job all these years.

"The job is challenging, but never boring. One challenge is there are no shortcuts – electronic warfare is a closely guarded discipline, and the courses and publications that exist are rudimentary and provide only an overview of concepts. We can only learn as we do.

"Another challenge is that the development of electronic warfare systems is a long journey that can take more than a decade. It requires perseverance and patience."

And in the defence technology community, no one works alone. Mr Chan is thankful for the community's pioneers as well as his team for their contributions towards the nation's defence.

In this industry, no one works alone, says Mr Chan (left). With him is fellow award recipient Michael Tan, whom he has known and worked with for 27 years. Mr Tan is a Lab Director at DSO, whose Advanced Electronics team was named Team (R&D) Award winner.

"The real capability lies in the people (who develop the systems)… Building on the work of our predecessors, my team and I continue the mission to enhance indigenous capabilities in electronic warfare," he added.

"This is important work that will impact our soldiers and missions (and) I support them in ensuring the peace and security for our nation. No matter how long it takes or how challenging the journey is, it has to be done."

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