Be inspired by everyday Singaporeans this NDP

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05 Jul 2018 | COMMUNITY

Be inspired by everyday Singaporeans this NDP

// Report by Chia Chong Jin

// Photos by Tan Yong Quan

English Melayu

The Show segment of this year's National Day Parade (NDP) builds on the theme "We Are Singapore" with an integrated film and mass display performance that emphasises the "We".

"(It) will be exciting, engaging and emotive," said Colonel (COL) Goh Pei Ming, Chairman of the Show Committee. "We hope to showcase some of the inspirational stories of everyday Singaporeans who chased their dreams, overcame difficulties, and eventually achieved the goals that they wanted to achieve.

"Through these stories, we hope that we will be able to inspire Singaporeans to similarly chase their own rainbows." Told through three acts and a grand finale, this year's NDP Show will also feature more than 3,300 performers.

One of the integrated film's protagonist is Madam Mary Klass, who once represented Singapore in the 1956 Summer Olympics. She said: "To be picked by the NDP Show Committee for this year's film is really wonderful, and it is a great honour to be able to inspire others through my story.

 "I hope that all Singaporeans will be proud of what they want to do, what they want to achieve and to remember to always stand tall for their country."

The 83-year-old self-trained Olympian is one out of the five Singaporeans featured in this year's NDP film.

"There is a timelessness to what these five stories are about," said NDP 2018 Creative Director Boo Jun Feng. The 34-year-old is Singaporean filmmaker whose award-winning films have been shown at film festivals globally.

"(This year's film will) draw connections between the different experiences and various identities from different generations, which have shaped Singapore to what she is today. There are so many messages in the film and it is rather nuance in many ways.

"I hope that Singaporeans, be it whether it is the message of hopes and dreams being attainable, whether it is about being strong and resilient in our lives, or whether it is about being there with your loved ones as they go through challenges, will experience these messages for themselves at the show."

Building on this, each spectator will be receiving a placard in their NDP funpack which carries the theme on one side and the expression "I am…" on the other. They will be prompted to pen down something unique about themselves on the "I am" side during the Placard Challenge in a joint display of the people's aspirations.

For the first time in NDP history, the pre-parade segment will feature eight naval combat divers in their combat gear executing a freefall water jump from 6,000-feet high. They will land into an area demarcated in the Marina Bay waters in a demonstration of their operational prowess.

The Red Lions – a crowd favourite – will be executing a wingsuit jump from the first time, and from a higher height than ever before of 12,500 feet. Ten Red Lions will perform a combined salute to the nation with the naval combat divers.

Also a first at NDP, a water procession comprising 18 lit-up boats and floats will cruise around the vicinity of Marina Bay, bringing the festivities closer to those in the area. The boats and floats have been modelled after familiar sights in Singapore, such as the iconic Dragon, Dove and Pelican playgrounds. This will happen during the second act of the Show.

There will also be 12 balloon garlands filled with helium gas in the same act, dancing gracefully to the rhythm of the music on stage, creating a kaleidoscope and an uplifting moment.

NDP 2018 will also be bringing back six of Singapore's iconic mascots to interact with the audience during the pre-parade segment. They are Captain Green, Nila the Lion, Sharity Elephant, Singa the Courtesy Lion, Teamy the Bee and Water Wally.

The strong commitment of the participants of this year's NDP Show was evident in 13-year-old Arvin Shankar from Bukit View Secondary School. He said: "As this is my first time participating in NDP, I am able to have a different perspective of how the performance is done.

"It is an overall fun experience, as I get to meet new friends and be part of this NDP 2018. My family and friends have been constantly supporting me through this and I am thankful for that."


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