193 Cadets Commissioned as SAF Officers

193 Cadets Commissioned as SAF Officers


A total of 193 cadets, comprising 144 from the Singapore Army, 1 from the Republic of Singapore Navy and 48 from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, were commissioned as officers of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The cadets will receive their ceremonial swords and letters of appointment at decentralised small-scale commissioning ceremonies organised at the Formation level from 8 to 9 September 2021, in recognition of this significant milestone in their journey as new officers of the SAF.

Addressing the graduands in a recorded video message as the Reviewing Officer for the proceedings, Minister for Communications and Information, Second Minister of Home Affairs and Minister-in-charge of Smart Nation and Cybersecurity Mrs Josephine Teo applauded the SAF's unwavering dedication and adaptability to upkeep training and operations, maintain operational readiness and continue essential force generation activities. Speaking on the transition towards the new normal where we live with an endemic COVID-19, she said, "The SAF has achieved herd immunity through vaccinations. As the SAF continues with its activities, I trust that as leaders, you will care for the people under your charge, and take the necessary measures to ensure their well-being. With determination and adaptability, we will not just be able to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, but also achieve a new equilibrium for life and work."

Mrs Teo also urged the graduands to remember their duty and responsibilities as newly-minted officers in the SAF. "You will play a part in ensuring that Singapore emerges "stronger, together". The successful organisation of the National Day Parade last month showed that we can indeed emerge "stronger, together" if we stand in solidarity. As you lead your men and women, anchor your decision-making and personal conduct on the sound values you have picked up during your training. I have every confidence that you will be able to Lead, Excel, and Overcome," said Mrs Teo.

The cadets have completed 38 weeks of rigorous training at the Officer Cadet School. The realistic training conducted during the course sharpened the cadets' combat, planning and leadership skills. The newly commissioned officers will go on to assume command, instructional or staff appointments in the SAF.

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