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Military Security Department

The Military Security Department's (MSD) core business is in Counter Intelligence and internal security for MINDEF/SAF. We are an independent body that reports directly to the Permanent Secretary of Defence PS(D). 

The Department was formed in 1975 to counter the threats of espionage, subversion and sabotage against MINDEF/SAF. It began with two main entities, namely the Counter Intelligence Branch (CIB) and Field Security Branch (FSB). Over the years, the department has continued to evolve and our roles expanded in tandem with the changing security environment. Today our roles also include Counter Terrorism and Cyber Security. 


MSD deters, detects, and neutralises evolving security threats, and protects MINDEF and SAF secrets so as to provide a secure environment for MINDEF and the SAF to achieve mission success. MSD also provides a secure and independent platform for MINDEF and the SAF to advance its strategic interests.


A trusted and respected organisation of choice where our people work as one without fear or favour, and serve with honour and fortitude.

Our Values

Perseverance, Responsive, Observant, Team-spirited, Empathy, Courageous and Trustworthy.

Our Employee Value Propositions

MSD's Employee Value Propositions are:

1) Purposeful and meaningful job

2) Interesting and enriching experiences

3) Acquisition of unique knowledge and skills

4) Community

5) Competitive Remuneration and rewards.