Wong Wan Ying

Deputy Director (Service Delivery Technology)

THE IDEA OF being able to contribute to the defence of Singapore and the competitive pay package attracted me to become a DXO.

I HAVE TAKEN ON a variety of positions under the DXO scheme, from managing part of the defence budget and recruitment of DXOs, to manpower and National Service policy formulation.

I WORK IN a close-knitted environment. My colleagues show care and support when work gets busy. They're also friends I hang out with outside of work.

AT DIFFERENT STAGES OF my DXO journey, my superiors have given me different types of guidance and opportunities, first as a young officer, and now as a new middle manager.

I HAVE LEARNT NEVER to take the defence of Singapore for granted. The peace and security we enjoy today is the result of the hard work of the men and women working in our defence ecosystem.