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Intellectual Property

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Sharing of Data

  • If you choose to make an application or send us an email providing us with your personal data, we may, if necessary, share your personal data with other Government agencies, or with non-Government entities which have been authorised by us for the purpose of carrying out this Digital Service, so as to provide this Digital Service to you in the most efficient and effective way, unless such data sharing is prohibited by law.

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Need to correct/update data

  • For your convenience, we may display to you data you had previously supplied to us or other Government agencies. This will speed up the transaction and save you the trouble of repeating previous submissions.

  • However, should the data be inaccurate or out-of-date, please supply us with the latest data. We will retain the data only as necessary for the effective delivery of public services to you.

Need to ensure accuracy and completeness of data

  • You shall ensure that all information submitted through this Digital Service is complete, accurate, true and correct. Where supporting documents are requested / needed, you should ensure all information submitted through this Digital Service is consistent with the supporting documents. Failure to do so may result in delays in processing or rejection of the application. You may be liable for costs incurred due to false or incorrect information submitted.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

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(i) any loss of, or any inability to retrieve, any data or information however caused as a result of any interruption, suspension or termination of service; and

(ii) any inaccuracy in the information presented, used or transmitted through this Digital Service.

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