Angelina Chung

On secondment

THE WORK I DO reminds Singaporeans that Singapore is a home worth defending.

I'VE ALWAYS HAD AN INTEREST in communications. During my student days, I did an internship at a public relations firm where I worked on marketing and advertising plans to promote consumer products. While the work was challenging, I felt it did not exactly meet my aspirations.

SOMETHING WITHIN ME CLICKED when I attended a roadshow conducted by the MINDEF Communications Organisation (MCO). I realised I wanted a career with meaning and purpose.

IT STRUCK ME that telling the Singapore story, reminding people that Singapore is successful only because we work hard to build and defend our nation, was something truly meaningful.

I THOROUGHLY ENJOY the intellectual challenge of looking at issues from multiple perspectives, and thinking through angles that could impact Singaporeans' commitment to our defence, or the international community's perception of our country.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND the DXO scheme if you enjoy working with people who are passionate about Singapore, and value working for something bigger than yourself.