RSAF Wins "Outstanding Aircraft Maintenance Unit" at Multilateral Air Combat Exercise in the US

RSAF Wins "Outstanding Aircraft Maintenance Unit" at Multilateral Air Combat Exercise in the US

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has concluded its participation in Exercise Red Flag – Nellis. The multilateral air combat exercise was held from 7 to 18 March 2022 (US time) at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, United States. The RSAF has won the "Outstanding Aircraft Maintenance Unit" award this year.

The RSAF deployed nine F-16C/D fighter aircraft and more than 100 personnel from its Peace Carvin II detachment in Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to participate in the exercise. This year's exercise involved about 55 aircraft from the RSAF, Royal Saudi Air Force and the United States Air Force. The high intensity and advanced air combat exercise allowed participants to hone their combat readiness and sharpen their operational capabilities in both day and night environments.

Highlighting the significance of the RSAF's participation in this year's exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Jonavan Ang, the RSAF Peace Carvin II Detachment Commander said, "The RSAF was able to hone our operational capabilities alongside the US and other air forces in a realistic training environment, working together to achieve mission success in a range of complex and challenging mission scenarios. In this exercise, we overcame a dedicated air force who employed advanced fighter aircraft, air defence systems and electronic warfare tactics. Such training enhances our ability to defend Singapore better, and it is important for the training of successive generations of RSAF airmen and women. I am proud that our RSAF team has upheld high standards, and this is testament to the excellent work and dedication of our air and ground crew, who were also able to attain the Outstanding Aircraft Maintenance Unit award. We are also thankful to the United States Air Force for hosting us, and we look forward to future opportunities to train together."

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Finkenstadt, the USAF's 64th Aggressor Squadron Commander said, "Once again this year, the RSAF has performed beyond expectations during the exercise. Their professionalism, tactics and capabilities reflect a high level of maturity in air combat. This exercise provides us an avenue for cooperation that is important to strengthen our relationship."

The RSAF has been participating in Exercise Red Flag – Nellis since 1982. The RSAF's participation in the exercise underscores the excellent and long-standing defence relationship between Singapore and the US. The exercise also enhances the professionalism and cooperation among the participating forces, and provides the RSAF with an opportunity to benchmark itself against other advanced air forces.

All RSAF personnel who participated in the exercise were fully vaccinated and strictly abided by COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.