Fact Sheet: RSAF55 Open House Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: RSAF55 Open House Fact Sheet


To commemorate the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)'s 55th anniversary this year, the RSAF is looking forward to invite all members of public to the RSAF55 Open House (RSAF55OH), held from 9 to 10 September 2023 at Paya Lebar Air Base. The RSAF55OH is free and open to all members of the public from 9am to 6pm, and doors will open from 8.30am for visitors to view the RSAF assets at the Static Display area. A ticket will not be required for attendance.

The RSAF55OH will feature a range of activities. Visitors can view 18 different types of RSAF assets, find out more about the history and future of the RSAF at three interactive and engaging Exhibition Halls, observe impressive capability displays showcasing the RSAF's operations, and enjoy familiarisation flights. (To take part in the familiarisation flights, visitors are required to present successfully balloted tickets; details of the application process can be found at: https://go.gov.sg/famflightdetails). There will also be a fairground with food trucks, photo spots and a carnival for family-friendly entertainment.

This year's open house will also be adopting a unique 'physical-digital' (phygital) concept. Visitors will find their physical RSAF55OH experience enhanced by a Digital Experience Webapp. The Webapp will provide pre-event activities and event information at visitors' fingertips for a seamless and exciting experience at the event. Interactive activities will also combine both physical and digital elements throughout the event for an immersive and personalised experience.

Visitors may access the RSAF55OH website from 15 Aug onwards (https://go.gov.sg/RSAF55OH) and / or the RSAF Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/TheRSAF), Instagram page (www.instagram.com/TheRSAF) and Tiktok (tiktok.com/@TheRSAF) for more information.

Exhibition Halls

Visitors can look forward to an experiential exhibition and learn about the transformation of the RSAF through the years, its vision for the future, as well as achievements of its dedicated airmen and women in defending and safeguarding Singapore's skies and way of life. The exhibition is segmented into three halls:

Hall 1 – RSAF Story

In this hall, visitors will learn more about the RSAF's history over the past 55 years and its transformation into a modern and capable Air Force. It will showcase the RSAF's capabilities, and highlight the RSAF's value in peace through digital displays and exhibition boards on Air Defence operations and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief missions. Phygital games (such as simulating a fighter jet, and executing a cargo airdrop) available in this hall will allow visitors to learn more about the RSAF's operations and training.

Hall 2 – Our People, Our Air Force

Hall 2 will showcase the RSAF's vocations, their duties and responsibilities in safeguarding Singapore's skies. The vocational booths will include simulators, physical displays as well as interactive elements, showcasing the dedication, commitment, and professionalism of the RSAF's personnel. The vocations include Air Crew Specialist, Air Defence Systems Specialist, Air Force Engineer, Air Imagery Intelligence Expert, Air Operations and Systems Expert, Air Warfare Officer, Pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer. There will also be booths for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Volunteer Corps and the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC). The SYFC Virtual Black Knights team, which made its debut during RSAFOH 2021, will also put up a virtual aerobatics display using flight simulation software and Virtual Reality goggles.

Hall 3 – Future Air Base

This hall will feature an envisioned Future Air Base, showcasing some of the forward-looking initiatives and technologies. It will also feature a Smart Air Base section highlighting some of the RSAF's Smart Air Base developments, a sustainability section, and an F-35 simulator.

Static Displays

There will be static displays of 18 different assets at the RSAF55OH. Cockpit and cabin entries for selected aircraft will also be available. The RSAF assets comprise the F-15SG and upgraded F-16 fighter aircraft; A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT); C-130 transport aircraft; G550 Airborne Early Warning aircraft; Fokker-50 Maritime Patrol Aircraft; AH-64D Apache attack helicopter; CH-47F Chinook Helicopter; H225M Medium Lift Helicopter; S-70B Seahawk Naval Helicopter; H-450 and Heron 1 UAVs; Aster 30 Missile System; SPYDER Missile System; RBS 70; SHIKRA radar; and Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower. The Singapore Youth Flying Club's DA40 Trainer Aircraft will also be on static display.

Capability Displays

Capability displays will take place throughout the RSAF55OH to showcase the operations, capabilities and commitment of the RSAF and its personnel. Apart from a Military Working Dog and Fighter Weapons Loading demonstration, there will be a 20-minute Aerial Capability Display to demonstrate the RSAF's ability to conduct air defence and integrated operations.

The Aerial Capability Display will showcase the activation and launch of F-15SG fighter aircraft in a short time to escort a commercial airliner (portrayed by the RSAF's A330 MRTT) with a suspected bomb threat to land safely; a deployment of the SPYDER Missile System; a deployment of the Heron 1 UAV conducting Air Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR) and transmitting real-time footage to the show centre for visitors' viewing; the F-15SGs conducting a strike profile against a simulated ground threat; and a troop insertion by the H225M Medium Lift Helicopter.

Fairground and Performances

Visitors can also visit the Fairground featuring a family-friendly carnival with a bouncy castle and games to engage both young and old. Food trucks and food stalls will also be available at the fairground and the dining hall. There will also be live performances from the SAF Music and Drama Company and SAF Central Band in the dining hall.

Phygital Concept

Digital Experience Webapp

The RSAF55OH Digital Experience Webapp will comprise essential event information for visitors, such as a site map and outline of the day's programme. The site map will also provide real-time queue/waiting times for static displays and simulators. It will offer an electronic queuing system for elements such as the static display aircraft cockpit entry and simulators. These aim to help visitors maximise their time at the RSAF55OH and optimise their visit experience.

The Digital Experience Webapp will be launched on 15 August 2023 as a lead up to RSAF55OH. Members of the public can access https://go.gov.sg/RSAF55OH from 15 August 2023 onwards and participate in the pre-event activities, such as personalising an individualised avatar, and utilising the Augmented Reality (AR) Aerial Display Filter that will show the RSAF's assets flying when users point their phones up at the skies. In the lead up to the RSAF55OH, members of the public can also participate in pre-event activities on the app to earn digital coins, which can then be used to earn rewards such as RSAF gifts (e.g. Captain Ted bears) and Fast Passes for segments such as static display cockpit entries.

The AR Aerial Display Filter also provides a last chance at getting familiarisation flight tickets onboard RSAF aircraft at RSAF55OH. From 15 August to 22 August 2023, users can upload screenshots or screen recordings of themselves using the filter onto their personal Instagram accounts, tagging @theRSAF and hashtag #RSAF55 for a chance to win a pair of tickets.

Phygital Activities

The RSAF55OH will also leverage the phygital concept to provide a more immersive and personalised experience for visitors. Visitors will be issued near-field communication (NFC) tags which will allow them to participate in interactive elements during the event. These elements include Poll/Like Micro Boxes spread across the event, highlighting short quizzes or fun facts which visitors can respond to, and also phygital games within the Exhibition Halls.

How To Get There

Members of the public will not be able to drive to the RSAF55OH at Paya Lebar Air Base. Instead, they can consider the following transport options:

Free Shuttle Buses

Visitors may take free shuttle buses from Hougang Bus Park (12A Hougang Avenue 4) or 18 Tai Seng (18 Tai Seng Street) to the RSAF55OH. The first bus will leave from the two designated pick-up points at 8am and the last bus will leave at 4.30pm. Similarly, visitors leaving the RSAF55OH may board the shuttle buses from (i) the Air Force Museum back to Hougang Bus Park, or (ii) the Air Force Training Command to 18 Tai Seng, with the last bus leaving at 6.30pm.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to take the shuttle buses from Hougang Bus Park for a smoother boarding experience.

Public Buses

Visitors may take the following public buses to the RSAF55OH, and get off at the bus stop outside Air Force Museum.

Bus 90 from Toa Payoh Interchange

Bus 94 from Eunos Bus Interchange (No service on Sunday, 10 September 2023)

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles

Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles will be able to access the RSAF55OH for drop-offs and pick-ups only. When going to the RSAF55OH, visitors may indicate their destination as 504 Airport Road. Vehicles will need to follow the traffic directions to the designated drop-off point when they arrive in the area. Visitors are advised to check the Digital Experience Webapp at http://go.gov.sg/RSAF55OH for updated information on going to the RSAF55OH.

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