Republic of Singapore Navy's Naval Diving Unit Celebrates Golden Jubilee

Republic of Singapore Navy's Naval Diving Unit Celebrates Golden Jubilee

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen officiated at the Naval Diving Unit (NDU)'s 50th anniversary parade at Sembawang Camp this afternoon.

Speaking at the parade, Dr Ng highlighted the importance of having a special force like the NDU. "The Special Forces, or the NDU equivalents in militaries around the World, form an elite group, often tasked to accomplish difficult missions which can even change the course of history," he said. "Appropriately, these Special Forces are likened to the tip of the spear, a sharp and hardened tip that can penetrate deep into the enemy."

Dr Ng commended the professionalism of the NDU and thanked servicemen for their contributions, recounting NDU's deployment for key operations such as the Sentosa Cable Car Incident in 1983, SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in 1997, Operation Blue Orchid to support the reconstruction of Iraq from 2003 to 2008, and more recently as part of the Republic of Singapore Navy's multinational counter-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden from 2009 to 2018. Closer to home, Dr Ng also shared how NDU was deployed in support of security operations during the DPRK-US Singapore Summit in 2018.

Dr Ng also highlighted how NDU has continued to build its capability in maritime security operations. He said, "On this Golden Jubilee, the NDU with a strong foundation built by its pioneers can look forward to even greater improvements in its capabilities. As with the rest of the SAF, technology and expertise are essential to expand its repertoire and deepen its skill base." Besides introducing new equipment to support maritime special operations and reduce risks to divers in operations, the NDU has undergone restructuring. This includes the inauguration of 180 SQN and the Special Boat Group into NDU.[1] A Trooping of Colours ceremony was also conducted to commemorate NDU's golden jubilee milestone.

Also present at the 50th anniversary parade were Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Melvyn Ong, Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral Aaron Beng, senior officials from the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces, defence partners, and NDU pioneers.


[1] 180 SQN and the Special Boat Group will be responsible for the raising, training and sustaining of the Accompanying Sea Security Teams (ASSeT) and maritime specialised craft respectively.

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