Fact Sheet: Design for the Redevelopment of the Float @ Marina Bay

Fact Sheet: Design for the Redevelopment of the Float @ Marina Bay

The Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) had announced the award of the design consultancy tender for the redevelopment of The Float @ Marina Bay on 15 July 2020.

The completed space will be a distinctive, attractive and flexible events venue. The development, NS Square, will also feature an NS-themed gallery, community sports facilities and a new public waterfront promenade.

Photo 1: Artist's impression of the redeveloped site, which will be aligned on a central axis to the bay to give a panoramic view of the city skyline.


Permanent Venue for Events

A new permanent stage deck will replace the existing floating platform, with a new grandstand of increased seating capacity of around 30,000 seats. The tiered curved seating stacks will wrap around the stage to provide an uninterrupted line-of-sight to the stage from all angles as well as bring spectators closer to the 'action'. In addition to hosting the National Day Parade, the space can also be configured for events of different scales and types, such as concerts, performances, sporting activities and competitions.

Photo 2: Artist's impression of the new stage and grandstand for future NDP.

Photo 3: Artist's impression of sporting events organised at NS Square.


Community Space

When not in use for events, the stage area will be a multi-purpose space for community activities. The public can also enjoy a new waterfront promenade around the stage that will form part of the continuous loop around Marina Bay and improve pedestrian connectivity in the area. This lower promenade area will be opened all year round; supporting F&B and retail options are also being considered within the new development.

Photo 4: Artist's impression of the stage area as a multi-purpose space for community activities.

Photo 5: Artist's impression of F&B options at the waterfront promenade.

To leverage the site's unique waterfront location, the development will feature a water sports facility to support activities such as dragon boating, canoeing and kayaking. This facility, part of a larger network of water sports facilities around Marina Reservoir, will provide the community with greater access to water-based recreational options in central Singapore. There will also be a swimming pool and water play areas for the public to enjoy.

Photos 6 and 7: Artist's impressions of water sports facility and water activities in the bay.


NS-themed Gallery

With a mix of open and enclosed spaces, the Gallery will showcase our nation's defence and NS story, and acknowledge the contributions of our national servicemen past and present. Stories of servicemen from the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team will be told through various multimedia platforms and hardware displays.

Photo 8: Artist's impression of the NS-themed Gallery.

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