Fact Sheet: Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

Fact Sheet: Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

The Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) provides infantry forces with enhanced protection, mobility and firepower, and also networks soldiers and air and land weapon platforms, thus facilitating the delivery of information, and fires in the battlefield.

The key features of the Terrex ICV are:

Enhanced Networking Capabilities The Terrex ICV is equipped with the Battlefield Management System (BMS) which allows it to connect with other air and land platforms, such as infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, artillery, attack helicopters and fighter aircraft, as well as soldiers equipped with the Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS). With enhanced situational awareness and transmission of key battlefield information provided by the BMS, soldiers can call for support from air and land forces to execute manoeuvres and deliver precision fires on enemy targets.

Enhanced Protection The Terrex ICV provides enhanced protection for infantry forces. It is designed with a modular protection system, which can be fortified with an add-on armour protection suite to provide all-round protection against conventional threats. The Terrex ICV is also designed to withstand mine blasts.

Enhanced Firepower and Enemy Weapon Detection The Terrex ICV is equipped with a fully stabilised Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) that is capable of providing direct precision fires to support infantry forces. The Terrex ICV also has a weapon detection system (WDS) which detects and locates enemy fire. The data collected by the WDS on the origin of the enemy fire is shared with other friendly forces via the BMS network to facilitate the engagement of enemy troops.

Enhanced Mobility The Terrex ICV has an independent suspension system and large off-road tyres which enhance mobility over various types of terrain.


Technical Data
Gross Vehicle Weight 24,000 kilograms
Maximum Gross Weight 26,000 kilograms
Unladen Weight 16,800 kilograms
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.78 m x 2.97 m x 2.46 m
Capacity 13 (Driver + Commander + 11 troopers)
Payload Capacity 7,200 kilograms
Performance Specifications
Maximum Road Speed 105 km/h
Acceleration (0-50km/h) 13.5 seconds
Speed in reverse 14.5 km/h
Forward Slope 60%
Side Slope 40%
Vertical Step 0.6 m
Fording Depth 1.8 m
Trench Crossing 2 m
Turning Radius 8.5 m
Range 300 km / 600 km
Main Remote Control Weapon System
Weapon Configuration 1 7.62 GPMG + 40 mm AGL
Weapon Configuration 2 0.5" Heavy Machine Gun
Secondary Weapon Up to 2 x Rear GPMG
Sight Optical / Thermal imaging / Eye-safe laser range finder
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