Fact Sheet: ASEAN Information-Sharing Portal

Fact Sheet: ASEAN Information-Sharing Portal

The development of the ASEAN Information-Sharing Portal (AIP), which involved the ASEAN navies, was led by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL). The AIP provides a common platform for ASEAN navies to share maritime security-related information in the region and enhance information-sharing procedures.

The functions of the AIP include:

1. Real-time chat function and translation. The AIP facilitates real-time exchange of information between various operation centres and operational commanders in the ASEAN region through a group chat function. This facilitates daily operational updates of maritime activity in the ASEAN region. The portal also provides real-time translation between English and the respective countries' native language in the chat function, enhancing communication and interoperability among the ASEAN navies. The portal is able to support languages such as Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Vietnamese.

2. Enhanced accessibility. The AIP is a web-based platform, allowing it to be mobile and easily accessible. It has two variants - the AIP (Desktop) and the AIP (Mobile). The AIP (Desktop) variant is used primarily in the countries' operation centres to facilitate the exchange of information. The AIP (Mobile) is a mobile application which can be installed on the commanders' smart phone or mobile device. This enables commanders to receive maritime security alerts and carry out group discussion while on the move, facilitating timely decision-making in operational situations.

The AIP was launched by Chief of Navy of the RSN Rear-Admiral Ng Chee Peng and Chief of Naval Staff of the TNI AL ADM Soeparno on 9 Jul 2012 at the opening ceremony of the inaugural ASEAN Maritime Information-Sharing Exercise.

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