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SAF Inspector-General's Office

The SAF Inspector-General's Office (IGO) was expanded from the Safety and Systems Review Directorate (SSRD) on 28 Feb 19, to strengthen the existing SAF safety structure. The Chief of Staff-Joint Staff (COS-JS) helms as the SAF Inspector-General and dual-reports to Permanent Secretary (Defence) and Chief of Defence Force (CDF) on the robustness of the SAF's safety system and safety culture. IGO also forms external panels to drive objective reviews of the various systems within MINDEF and the SAF.

IGO is vested with the full authority to conduct independent audits and inspections within the SAF, across all Army, Navy, Air Force and C4I formations. The audits will focus on (a) the implementation of SAF's safety policy and objectives; (b) safety culture across Services and Formation HQs; (c) the safety management systems at the Services and Formation levels and (d) the command emphasis on safety, specifically whether commanders have nurtured and are sustaining a safety culture.

The main roles of the SAF IGO are :


  • Conduct independent audits and inspections across the SAF;


  • Convene external review panels, where appropriate, in order to tap on external expertise and impartiality.


  • Conduct system reviews for MINDEF and the SAF.

The mission of the SAF IGO is to conduct systems reviews, with a focus on the safety system and propose improvements that will help MINDEF and the SAF remain safe, and effective.


We strive to be a valued and respected team, strengthening safety and systems excellence in MINDEF and the SAF.

Our Logo

The magnifying glass with the embedded SAF emblem, symbolises the comprehensive approach that SAF IGO adopts in conducting its audits and reviews of the SAF systems across all levels. The acronym IGO written in bold represents integrity, autonomy and professionalism, while its full name in green reflects its emphasis on safety.