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Future Systems & Technology Directorate

FSTD is led by Future Systems & Technology Architect and its organisation structure comprises functional entities to master plan the R&D investments to deliver on game-changing concepts to realise cutting edge capabilities for the SAF. The Systems & Concepts Groups (SCGs) will serve as FSTD’s master planning offices, responsible for concept generation, as well as master planning systems and technologies development, to fulfil the SAF’s key mission needs. The SAF Centre for Military Experimentation (SCME) will formulate long term force development strategies and new war-fighting concepts.

Our Vision

To shape the next generation of the SAF.

Our Mission

To lead the development of game-changing concepts and disruptive technologies to deliver cutting-edge capabilities for the SAF.

Our Activites

Our areas of interest include C4 and Cyber Defence, Counter-Terrorism, Robotics, Radar/Surveillance technology, Advanced Materials, Chemical, Biological and Radiological solutions or any technologies that further our mandate to deliver cutting-edge capabilities to the SAF.

Some of our works
•    Hardware Assurance Team from Temasek Lab, NTU, developed physical and circuit analysis techniques and software for advanced integrated circuits chips against hardware Trojans. The capabilities achieved ensure the trustworthiness of electronics used in Singapore’s defence systems. More details can be found here.

•    Air Surveillance System Team from DSO, DSTA and RSAF developed an air surveillance system that can detect small drones and be deployed in highly urbanised areas. This enabled the SAF to have a continuous and current air surveillance picture against challenging targets. More details can be found here.

•    SAFTI MI Shuttle – Driverless.