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Defence Policy Group

The Defence Policy Group (DPG) is responsible for MINDEF's relations with its foreign counterparts, strategic communications, National Education, Total Defence, strategic planning and futures analysis, and inter-ministry coordination on efforts to deal with emerging security threats.


Defence Policy Office (DPO)

The Defence Policy Office (DPO) secures Singapore's peace and security in a dynamic security environment through the adept formulation of defence policies and strategies to support defence diplomacy. As such, DPO develops strategy and directs efforts to strengthen bilateral defence relations with partner countries, build an open and inclusive regional security architecture, and contribute to international security.


MINDEF Communications Organisation (MCO)


MINDEF Communications Organisation (MCO) oversees MINDEF-wide public communications and public relations efforts. Through these efforts, MCO seeks to strengthen public trust in MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). MCO also reaches out to foreign military partners to enhance the international standing of MINDEF and the SAF. 

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Nexus seeks to strengthen Singaporeans' resolve to defend Singapore, protect our unity and safeguard our way of life. Besides functioning as the central agency for National Education (NE) and Total Defence (TD), Nexus supports MINDEF and the SAF's efforts to strengthen the public's commitment to defence. Nexus is constantly exploring fresh and creative ways to engage our target audiences, through gamification, animation, film, and engagement sessions, together with our partners from the private, public and people sectors.

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