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Defence Management Group

The Defence Management Group's (DMG) key businesses are in the areas of Manpower, Finance, Information Technology, Legal and other Professional Services such as Counselling and Psychology. In these areas, we set policies, uphold governance, develop systems, provide services and impart advice and expertise. In addition, we provide strategic perspectives and implement best practices to contribute to the overall defence capability of Singapore.

As an integrated part of the fast-evolving defence eco-system, DMG strives to strengthen its management systems and processes to deliver high performance as well as to keep pace with the latest developments and best practices in defence management. DMG’s journey towards organisational excellence is showcased through our visionary leadership, devoting efforts towards corporate social responsibility, having a strong innovation focus, valuing people and our customers, and leveraging on knowledge-driven systems to ensure agility in decision-making.

DMG’s future direction is underpinned by five key thrusts: (1) Anticipate the future, (2) Governance, (3) Innovation and technology, (4) Leader in quality service, and (5) Engage our people. These five thrusts form the acronym “AGILE” to reflect DMG’s agility to adapt to changes, and in formulating and executing policies and processes.

Our Vision

DMG aims to be a "Pinnacle of excellence in defence management, powered by a team of dynamic professionals”.

Our Mission

DMG’s mission is “to uphold good governance and ensure effective use of resources in MINDEF and the SAF for the defence of Singapore".