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Career Transition Resource Centre

Building Bridges, Making Connections

MINDEF/SAF has in place provisions to support the transition of servicemen who have completed their full military service.

Over the years, the Career Transition Resource Centre (CTRC) has played a key role facilitating the successful transition of our Officers, Warrant Officers, Specialists and selected MDES personnel. Each serviceman will be contacted by our team of certified Career Advisors, whom they can tap on as they prepare for their transition. Through courses, seminars and networking sessions, we equip servicemen with skills related to their transition, help servicemen acquire knowledge on the latest developments in the different industries, and broaden their networks with prospective employers. In their last two years of service, servicemen can also embark on internships, which often serve as a useful springboard into their sector of interest.

Through their years of training in the SAF, servicemen hone a diverse range of skills, many of which are sought-after by employers. Employers appreciate servicemen’s professionalism, discipline, operational readiness as well as leadership and decision-making skills.

Many other employers have found CTRC an ideal resource for their recruitment needs. Contact us by emailing CTRCHelpdesk@defence.gov.sg or call 6373 1485 if you wish to connect with transitioning servicemen.

Our Vision

To be a leading career transition hub with a reputation for excellence.

Our Mission

We facilitate our servicemen's career transition as part of the MINDEF/SAF career proposition through effective career transition policies and services.

Success Stories