Rear-Admiral Lew Chuen Hong


Rear Admiral Lew Chuen Hong was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1995 and was awarded the SAF Overseas Scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelors (Honours and Distinction) and Masters in Biology from Stanford University, USA.

Rear Admiral Lew had served in various shipboard appointments – as Navigation Officer, Communications Officer and Principal Warfare Officer on board the Missile Corvettes. He was awarded the SAF Overseas Service Medal in 2005 for his role as Task Group Operations Officer of Singapore’s Naval Deployment to the North Arabian Gulf, in support of the re-construction of Iraq. He attended the US Naval War College at Newport, RI, and subsequently assumed command of the Missile Corvette RSS Vengeance.

In 2008, Rear Admiral Lew was seconded to the Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) as Director of the Research & Enterprise Division. He oversaw two main portfolios – policies on R&D as a key pillar in Singapore’s knowledge-driven economy; and creating a conducive business environment for enterprises. He was awarded the Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship in 2010, and graduated with a Masters in Management as a Sloan Fellow of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA.

Rear Admiral Lew was appointed Deputy Commander, Maritime Security Task Force in 2011. He then served in the Ministry of Defence as Head Joint Manpower in 2012, then Head Joint Plans and Transformation in 2013. Rear Admiral Lew was appointed Fleet Commander in 2014 during which he commanded the principal warfighting assets of the Republic of Singapore Navy. He assumed the appointment of Chief of Staff – Naval Staff in September 2016.

Rear Admiral Lew had served on the Board of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the Board of Governors for Republic Polytechnic, and Chair of the School of Applied Science Advisory Board. He is currently a member of the Board for ST Electronics Ltd.

Rear Admiral Lew assumed the appointment of Chief of Navy on 16 Jun 2017.

Rear Admiral Lew is happily married to Lavon and they have three children – Emma, Ethan and Ean.