Military Intelligence Expert (MIE)

Military Intelligence Experts provide accurate, relevant and timely intelligence to support every aspect of national security and policy.

MIEs develop specialised analysis competencies to uncover new threats and operational opportunities. They also master deep technologies, many of them secret-edge in nature.

They run operations, often in teams, to ensure constant vigilance and meticulous analysis of data. They are the first line of defence.

Military Intelligence Expert (MIE)
Military Intelligence Expert (MIE)

Learning and Growth

At the DIS, knowledge is our key business, and you are our best asset. To help you stay on top of your game, you will be expected to learn, grow and adapt continuously. We offer multiple opportunities for professional development and continuous education.

To continually hone specialised competencies across the diverse roles within the DIS,
we have development pathways for

  • leadership and management
  • military domain knowledge and skills
  • sponsorships for academic upgrading ranging from diploma, degree to post-graduate programmes
  • industry-recognised professional certifications

Starting Rank and Salary

Military Intelligence Expert (MIE)

Note: Information correct as of Jan 2024

Pay Components

Military Intelligence Expert (MIE)