Military Domain Experts Scheme

SAF Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES) is a uniformed military scheme anchored on professional and technical expertise development, to build strategic deep specialisation capabilities in selected military domains to maintain the SAF’s operational edge.

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Work-Learn Scheme

MINDEF launched the Cyber Work-Learn Scheme in Feb 2018 and Digital Work-Learn Scheme in Mar 2022 to allow Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) the opportunity to perform more advanced operational roles and contribute to Singapore’s Digital Defence, while attaining academic credits to a relevant university degree. These work-learn schemes will equip CySpecs and DigiSpecs with skills, knowledge and hands-on operational experience in the fields of cybersecurity, software development, artificial intelligence and data science.

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Seeking Industry Professionals!

  • Your relevant experience may qualify you for a full-time position in senior roles in DIS. Contact us to find out more.
  • Want to contribute in DIS as an NSman? Cybersecurity, C4, Digital, and Intelligence professionals may be eligible to be re-deployed to DIS for ORNS.
  • Receive tailored training to ease you into a DIS career.


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Women in the DIS

At the DIS, we champion the empowerment of our servicewomen. Women stand at the forefront and are integral to our mission, making a profound impact as the guardians of the new frontier. Find out more about how the DIS empowers every woman in our ranks to thrive and excel.