Air Force Engineer (Flight Engineer)

Air Force Engineer (Flight Engineer)

The Air Force Engineer (Flight Engineer) (AFE(FE)) Wing is worn by personnel who have successfully completed their specialised training. As AFEs, they embody Air Engineering Logistics Organisation (AELO)'s mission as domain experts in aircraft generation towards Air Power while serving as essential aircrew members who stand Operationally Ready 24/7 in both peace and war.

The Coat-of-Arms signifies the RSAF. The letters “FE” stand for Flight Engineers. On the top of each side of the vocational wings represents the AFE(FE) vocation as an integral member who bridges both engineering and flight operations under a single vocation. The laurels serve as a reminder that our profession in the military is one of nobility, fortitude and service to the nation.

Flight Engineers must always be driven to succeed and where possible value adds to provide insight with a high degree of professionalism towards engineering and operations.