Air Imagery Intelligence Expert

Air Imagery Intelligence Expert

This Wing is awarded to those who have successfully completed their specialised training as an Air Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) Expert (AIRIX).

The Coat-of-Arms and laurels symbolise the nation-state of Singapore. They are featured to engender pride in defending the nation. The AIRIX title at the base of the badge acknowledges that it is the people who will form the foundation of the new corps.

The wings symbolise the AIRIX as a fighting part of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), delivering intelligence for the full spectrum of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) operations from peace to war. The outstretched design depicts flight, and reveals a long, broad and triangular wing structure which is typical for long-distance, soaring, and highly-manoeuvrable flight. This represents the desire for the AIRIX to be dynamic, with attributes of persistence, adaptability, and precision.

The globe symbolises the AIRIX as a part of the intelligence corps. The three ascending arrows symbolise the AIRIX as a corps of experts always reaching out to achieve excellence, delivering Accurate, Relevant and Timely imagery intelligence for all the three Services in the SAF.