Dedication Towards National Service – 3WO(NS) Rajesh Singh

Dedication Towards National Service – 3WO(NS) Rajesh Singh

Despite leaving the RSAF in 2008 and completing his NS liability, 3WO(NS) Rajesh Singh decided to continue and volunteer his services to the RSAF as an NSman. Previously trained on the Searcher UAV system during his active service days, he had undergone training to achieve his qualification for the Heron 1 UAV so that he can continue contributing to the community.

3WO(NS) Rajesh had demonstrated his technical proficiency, leadership and teamwork on multiple occasions, and guided his fellow NSmen to attain similar competency levels through his sharing of system knowledge. For his selfless teaching and dedication, 3WO(NS) Rajesh was awarded the Efficiency Medal at this year's National Day Award.

Let's hear from 3WO(NS) Rajesh on his Air Force story.

What makes you volunteer your service to continue to contribute to the RSAF as an NSman?

I volunteered because I want to do more for the country, and I felt that I have not done enough when I left due to personal reasons. I also felt that it is important to share my knowledge with the younger generation, and hope that they will do well and contribute to national defence too!

What are some of your key achievements during your journey with the RSAF?

I felt a sense of achievement when I was awarded the Best NSman of the year in 2016/2017. The appreciation and recognition gave me a sense of accomplishment and I felt very proud of that day, which spur me on to volunteer my services even after my NS liability was fulfilled. I felt that I could still come back for my ICT and put my experience and knowledge to good use. I also hope to be able to share my knowledge with my peers as well as younger airmen and women.

What is a favourite moment you recall?

I would say that there is nothing like running and operating on a flight line. The fluid and dynamic nature of our work, coupled with the pressure actually puts me in my element. After all the hard work, when you see the aircraft take off and land safely, there is that sense of achievement which makes you say, “I did good today. Tomorrow will be better.”

3WO(NS) Rajesh is now an NSman with the UAV Command.

What were some of the challenges that you have experienced and how did you and your team overcome them?

I think one of the challenges would be having to engage the NSFs who were training to be Flight Line Crew. It was our duty to motivate them to do their best and be there for them when they needed us. With some guidance and sharing of our personal experiences with them, we managed to let them gain new perspective. It was nice to see that a few of them have signed on to be regulars.

How have your family supported you throughout your journey with the RSAF?

I used to go to work at 4am or 5am in the morning. Never has my wife stopped me from going for detachments or questioned about my ungodly work hours. My family has always supported and encouraged me to do my best.