First Award From The Defence And Strategic Studies Course

First Award From The Defence And Strategic Studies Course

"It is a great honour to be recognised with this award, and be given the opportunity to hold the SAF flag high in a professional and academic environment with a large diversity of International participations."

At the Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC) conducted by the Australian War College this year, COL Koi Eng Chew was the first student from the SAF to clinch an award in the course! The Commander Australian Defence College and the Geddes Gavel Award is given to the best student from the Australian and International cohorts who contributed and demonstrated the greatest understanding of political, diplomatic, military, cultural and economic factors that influence regional relationships and decision making.

COL Koi received the Commander Australian Defence College and the Geddes Gavel Award.

During the 11-month course, COL Koi, together with 29 Senior Australia Defence Force officers, Defence officials and Australian government officials, and 22 other International Military officers and Officials, underwent various studies and constructive networking which prepared them to operate at the highest levels of leadership, command, policy formulation and management in a dynamic global environment.

"I am very grateful to the RSAF for preparing me with the competencies, knowledge and mindset to do well; and providing me this opportunity to pursue my professional aspirations. I am also appreciative to the Australian Defence College and my fellow course members for the recognition, support, encouragement and friendship."

A total of about 52 students attended the DSSC 2019.

COL Koi also expressed his gratitude to his wife, who rendered much support behind the scenes. "I am particularly thankful to my wife for her understanding and unwavering support in managing the family matters back in Singapore so that I can remain focus on the course work".