Best of Ex Wallaby 2018!

Best of Ex Wallaby 2018!

Since 1993, the RSAF has actively participated in Exercise Wallaby, the largest SAF's overseas exercise, involving air, land and sea components. 

This year's exercise was conducted from 19 September to 17 November 2018. It also marks 25 years of air-land integration in Exercise Wallaby!

Check out some of the actions down under!

This exercise showcases the teamwork amongst the three services in the SAF, working hand in hand to ensure mission success.

Besides our aircraft, our Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) assets also had a hand in the exercise. Look at our RBS-70 in action!

An Apache attack helicopter returning to base after completing its day mission.

The C-130 transport aircraft trained in Tactical Arrival and Departures as well as manoeuvres against simulated GBAD threats.

Air Force Engineers preparing the Heron 1 for flight!

An 8-ship formation of our aircraft!

Over the years, Exercise Wallaby has grown in scope and scale with realistic and challenging training scenarios.

The C-130 transport aircraft conducting tactical airdrops.

Air Warfare Officers coordinating airspace, and give situational updates to our airmen during their mission.

In the last frame of Exercise Wallaby, Exercise Trident, it features a battalion-level ship-to-shore operation, jointly executed by SAF and ADF troops.

SAF and ADF troops loading onto the Chinook on board the RSN's Landing Ship Tank - RSS Resolution.

Our CH-47D Chinook and AS332 Super Puma helicopters transport army troops to the inland landing site.