All the right notes

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01 Sep 2017 | PEOPLE
Melayu 华文

All the right notes

// STORY Siti Rohani
// PHOTO Mark Teo

English Melayu

Now that she's busy with a 14-month-old daughter, her piano-playing days are significantly fewer.

"I did try to teach my baby how to play, but she's not interested yet!" said ME5 Yuan with a laugh.

An Air Force Engineer by vocation, the 32-year-old is now based at the Air Force Recruitment Centre where she is responsible for recruiting military experts, especially engineers and women.

With recruitment numbers for women on the rise, it seems that she is clearly doing something right. However, she modestly attributes it to there being "dedicated emphasis on engaging women".

One of the questions she often gets asked by would-be female soldiers is: What is it like for women going through Basic Military Training (BMT)? "Women tend to have a lot of worries about BMT, military culture and working in a male-dominated environment, so it's good for them to be able to hear a female perspective."

To allay their fears, she shares her personal experience and shows them photos of the exercises they have to do.

ME5 Yuan firmly believes that women shouldn't stereotype themselves and that they shouldn't underestimate their abilities. So, would she want her daughter to join the military when she grows up?

"I wouldn't mind if she had the passion and was suitable."