Yes, sir!

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01 Mar 2018 | OPS & TRAINING
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Yes, sir!

// STORY Benita Teo

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The Asian Dad

Think you're finally getting a break from your Asian Dad in National Service (NS)? Afraid not, buddy. This guy will beat you down with his sky-high expectations. You're likely to hear comments like: "You got Gold for your Individual Physical Proficiency Test? With 98 points? That's not 100! My grandmother can get full marks!" 

He will remind you that your inability to reach his unrealistic standards has brought shame to your company.

The Bro

Ah, young love. So sweet but it can also get messy when it's over. How's a guy to get over his heartbreak when he's stuck on an island for weeks with limited access to the world? Enter the Bro. 

He's always there with a listening ear, whether it's in the middle of field camp or late at night in the company line, ever ready with good advice. Like how the grass is not greener here, but the fitness regime is certainly better, so work hard to get your six-pack, and watch the girls flock to you. *bro hug* 

The Model Teacher

Going into BMT can be daunting. Every day, there are new skills to pick up and new lessons to learn. You start to wonder if you'll be able to pick up all those soldiering skills by your Graduation Parade. 

Don't worry, the Model Teacher will definitely not let you fail. Whether it's stripping and assembling your Singapore Assault Rifle 21 or tying an arm sling in buddy aid, he will walk you through the steps patiently. 

Even in a classroom of hundreds of recruits, he will look out for the ones who are struggling and instruct them personally. Sure can graduate!

The Discipline Master

Just like in school, the Discipline Master incites fear in even the toughest recruits. Smart 4 sleeves rolled up to the wrong height? "Drop 20!" Sloppy drills? "Semula!" 

And if he asks for the toilet to be clean and "bone dry", better not forget to scoop the water out of the cisterns. His exacting standards will keep you on your toes, but you'll thank him later when you never forget anything before leaving the house again.

The Horticulturist

This plant expert has spent so much time on Pulau Tekong, he knows the native flora and fauna like the hairs on the back of his hand. 

That tree over there? It resembles the silhouette of a lady pining for her lost love under the full moon -- also, you've passed it three times in this topography exercise so you're probably still lost. 

This plant here? It can grow in unfavourable environments and is often used to wrap food, but its shape and size make it perfect for camouflage. Can anyone else on the island rival this guy's knowledge in the anatomy of the local plants? Can't.

The Motivational Speaker

You can always count on the Motivational Speaker to provide words of encouragement during tough times. 

Expect to hear whoops of "Come on, five sets left!" during physical training. Or, while you are trying to dig your shellscrape: "You can do it! Three more hours to go!" 

All while they walk about and supervise. After all, they've done it before, so they're pretty certain you'll be able to do it too.

The Tekong Storyteller

Back in the days of coolies and sampans, Singaporeans would gather to listen to Chinese street storytellers. For the duration of a single joss stick, they would regale audiences with fantastical tales and international news. 

Here in BMT, for the duration of a single candle, seasoned Enciks will regale you with tales of the good old days in the Singapore Armed Forces when everything was tougher. 

With their experience and wisdom, they'll also dish out invaluable tips that you can carry with you through NS and in life. So light up and listen.

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