NDP back at Float with large-scale show, and heartland celebrations

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02 Jun 2022 | COMMUNITY

NDP back at Float with large-scale show, and heartland celebrations

Story by Teo Jing Ting // Photos by Chai Sian Liang

National Day Parade (NDP) 2022 aims to bring Singaporeans together for the country's 57th birthday festivities this year.

Singaporeans can expect a spectacular show at The Float @ Marina Bay for the nation’s 57th birthday. [File photo]

Seeing the Red Lion parachutists up close, taking pictures with military platforms, enjoying thrilling firework displays – these are some of the things Singaporeans can look forward to this coming National Day.

The NDP heartland celebrations will be held at five sites across the island on 6 and 7 Aug, with the Red Lions conducting freefall jumps at two other heartland locations.

And come 9 Aug, Singaporeans can expect a spectacular show at The Float @ Marina Bay – from a combined air, land and sea Total Defence Display by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Home Team, to crowd favourites such as the parade and ceremony, as well as the State Flag Flypast.

This national day weekend, members of the public will be able to join in the celebrations at five heartland locations. [File photo]

Those at home will not be missing out as aerial elements will also make their way into the heartlands. The State Flag Flypast will fly around the island while the Republic of Singapore Air Force's F-16 jets execute a fighter island flypast across the skies.

In addition, fireworks will be set off at five locations, concurrent with the celebrations at The Float @ Marina Bay.

Themed Stronger Together, Majulah!, NDP 2022 calls for Singaporeans to forge ahead as a united and strong people towards a better future.

On 7 Aug, the Red Lions will conduct freefall jumps at two heartland locations. [File photo]

Chairman of the NDP 2022 Executive Committee Brigadier-General (BG) Goh Pei Ming noted that, as Singapore moves to living with COVID-19 as endemic, "we will celebrate the resilience that Singaporeans have shown; we will also call on Singaporeans to come together as one united people to do their part and strive towards a better future".

This year marks the 55th anniversary of National Service (NS), and the parade will also celebrate the contributions of past and present national servicemen.

"NS remains the cornerstone for Singapore's defence and it's only with the support and commitment of our servicemen that Singapore is able to remain safe and secure," said BG Goh.

BG Goh (left) and Mr Batisah hopes that NDP 2022 will bring hope to Singaporeans and inspire them to be excited about the future.

Stronger Together

Tying in with the NDP 2022 theme, this year's uplifting theme song – titled Stronger Together – is a rallying call for Singaporeans to unite and overcome any challenge.

It is composed by local singer-songwriter Don Richmond and performed by Taufik Batisah.

Sharing his thoughts about the song, Mr Batisah said: "When I first heard the song, it really resonated with me. It felt like a song of celebration and a song that a lot of Singaporeans can relate to.

"I hope that this song can inspire Singaporeans, as much as it inspired me when I sang it – that no matter what hardships we are going through, we can push through if we put our minds to it (and) we work together."

With the two figures outlining the number 57 in a heartshape, the NDP 2022 logo portrays a Singapore that is stronger when love and compassion bring everyone together.

With large-scale events progressively resuming, BG Goh is looking forward to physically bringing Singaporeans together once more through the various NDP activities and celebrations. These include the return of National Education shows and ticketed shows for the main celebration at The Float @ Marina Bay.

"The fact that we will bring back larger celebrations is an indication to give Singaporeans confidence that we can be excited for the future, that we can be stronger together as we look and strive on," said BG Goh.

"We look forward to Singaporeans joining us in the celebrations."

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