Cookhouse cuisine at BMTC

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22 Dec 2021 | COMMUNITY

Cookhouse cuisine at BMTC

Have you had a bite of the Strong Burger? Check out some of the special meals that Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) has cooked up in recent years!

// Story Sherlyn Quek

// Photos courtesy of BMTC

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Celebrating BMT milestones

In December 2020, BMTC unveiled its Strong Burger Meal. This special lunch gave recruits a motivational boost before they moved off on their gruelling 24km graduation route march.
This October, the Strong Burger Meal was updated to a more Instagram-worthy version with a chicken chop sandwiched in a charcoal bun. And instead of being a treat only for recruits embarking on their graduation route march, it was served near the end of Adjustment Week as they near their first book out.

Special meals for special occasions

During the year-end festive season in 2020, recruits tucked into a colourful lunch of eggy ham and mushrooms, a pie, hotdogs and vegetables, along with soup and dessert.
This Lunar New Year, the BMTC cookhouse came up with a special lunch menu comprising egg savoury rice, chicken cubes with Chef Special Sauce, fried fish, and stir-fried vegetables with sliced shiitake mushrooms. The meal was rounded up with Longevity Vermicelli Soup, a sweet potato cupcake and mandarin oranges to go with the festive mood.
Continuing with their theme, BMTC served up the (you guessed it) Strong Stew to commemorate Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Day on 1 Jul. Soldiers were given a french baguette to complement the hearty stew, with a sweet fruit dessert to top off the meal.
And when it came to National Day this year, BMTC celebrated by treating soldiers to a new dish: the Strong Bun & Pie Meal, which includes chicken sausage served with a hotdog bun, and a chicken shepherd pie. This was served with seafood bisque soup, mixed fruit juice and a fruit of the day.
Like they say: You are what you eat. Guess all these Strong Meals make SAF soldiers, well, strong!
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