What you need to know about NS Hub

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25 Nov 2019 | COMMUNITY

What you need to know about NS Hub

By 2023, national servicemen will be able to access all their National Service (NS)- and training-related activities in a one-stop centre.

// Story by Thrina Tham

// Photo by Chua Soon Lye

// Graphics courtesy of MINDEF

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The NS Hub just marked the start of construction in a groundbreaking ceremony officiated by Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen on 25 Nov.

Here are five things to expect from the new NS Hub.

The new NS Hub will bring CMPB, MMI and a fitness conditioning centre together in one convenient location.

1. Get all your NS services done in one location

With the NS Hub, national servicemen will no longer have to report to various camps across Singapore for different NS services.

The new NS Hub will house the Central Manpower Base (CMPB), Military Medicine Institute (MMI) and a new Fitness Conditioning Centre (FCC) to meet all the services that pre-enlistees and Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) need.

It will even include an e-Mart for NSmen to stock up on their combat boots and admin t-shirts!

Currently, pre-enlistees attend medical screening at CMPB at Depot Road, and head to MMI in Kent Ridge for other specialist medical services. NSmen take their Individual Physical Proficiency Tests (IPPTs) at various locations such as Maju Camp and Bedok Camp.

Once complete, the NS Hub will be directly accessible via an overhead bridge from Cashew MRT Station along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

With the use of smart technology, frontline services at the NS Hub promise to be faster and more efficient.

2. Enjoy faster services with smart tech

Gone are the long queues to "book in", as national servicemen visiting the NS Hub will be able to register themselves at e-Kiosks equipped with facial recognition technology.

They will also be able to perform digital transactions through the NS Hub visitor mobile app and receive personalised responses about their appointments.

Pre-enlistee Matthew Yeo trying out automated registration at the e-Kiosk.

Such technology is expected to reduce the overall waiting time for medical screenings by 30 per cent!

The NS Hub will also harness data analytics – with insights on queue time and transaction durations – to improve such services for national servicemen.

A 400m sheltered running track will allow servicemen to train safely in any weather.

3. Make use of modern IPPT facilities

IPPT will be made more convenient for servicemen. Without having to "book in" to camp, servicemen will be able to do automated In-Processing at the NS Hub’s FCC.

Automated kiosks enables quick and easy in-Processing for training at the new FCC.

They can then simply walk up to the gym for their IPPT Preparatory Training or head to the sheltered running track to take their IPPT.

Facing the Rail Corridor, the FCC will be the Singapore Armed Forces’ first purpose-built, all-weather facility for IPPT and fitness training.

The outdoor community area at the NS Hub will feature a running track and football field for the public.

4. Space to unwind with family and friends

Not unlike SAFRA Clubhouses, the NS Hub may well become a go-to spot for national servicemen to relax with their family and friends.

The hub will feature a wide range of amenities that are open to the public – these include a food court, a childcare center and an outdoor community area with a running track and football field.

For those into live entertainment, the NS Hub will also house the Power 98 Love Songs and 88.3JIA radio stations where visitors can catch their favourite radio DJs live on air.

There will also be studios for the public to catch performances.

The NS Hub will harness solar energy to reduce its utility costs and carbon footprint.

5. Be a part of environmental sustainability

Visitors to the new NS Hub will be glad to know that the building will make use of renewable energy – energy generated from its solar panels can power more than 110 4-room HDB units a year!

The building will also adopt energy-saving solutions such as the use of natural ventilation and solar shades for cooling.

Finally, it will make use of rainwater harvesting to collect non-potable water for irrigation and other purposes.

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