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NS Pay Components

As an NSman, you will receive NS Pay for the duration of any Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) activities you participate in. NS Pay comprises two components, which are Service Pay and Make-Up Pay (MUP). 

Service Pay

Your Service Pay is equivalent to your full-time NS allowance, and dependent on your rank and vocation. It will be pro-rated based on the duration of the ORNS activity that you are participating in. Half-day Service Pay will be paid for activity that are 4 hours or less. There is no need to claim for Service Pay.

Make-Up Pay (MUP)

MUP is the difference between your civilian income loss and your Service Pay, for the duration of your ORNS activity. This ensures that you do not suffer a loss in income from attending ORNS activities. 

Since 12 September 2022, all NSmen will receive a base NS Pay of $1,600 per month for all ORNS activities except for IPPT, NS FIT and mobilisation. The base NS Pay will be pro-rated according to the duration of the ORNS activity. A NSman attending a typical 12-day High-Key In-Camp Training (ICT) will receive at least $600. Unemployed NSmen, including students, are eligible for the base NS Pay.