PASSEX with KRI Sultan Hasanuddin and KRI Sampari

16 Jan 24

On 14 Jan 2024, our Endurance-class Landing Ship Tank RSS Endeavour (ENV) conducted a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with the Indonesian Navy's (TNI AL) Sampari-class fast attack craft KRI Sampari and Diponegoro-class corvette KRI Sultan Hasanuddin following a port call in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Before the commencement of the PASSEX, RSN and TNI AL personnel met on board RSS Endeavour for a final coordination.

Communication Experts on board RSS Endeavour conducting a Flag Hoist as part of a communication exercise during the PASSEX.

KRI Sultan Hasanuddin (foreground) and KRI Sampari (background) getting in position during the manoeuvring exercise (MANEX) serial.

An Officer-of-the-Watch on board RSS Endeavour watching the bearing of KRI Sampari during the MANEX serial. These exercises require the crew from both ships to execute manoeuvres with precision, which creates a good opportunity for young officers' to hone their ship-handling skills.

Concluding the end of another successful PASSEX with a sailpast.

Such passage exercises have enabled the RSN to maintain warm ties, strengthen mutual understanding, and enhance interoperability with our navy counterparts. We wish our TNI AL friends fair winds and following seas – and we look forward to exercising together again in the future.  
Photos courtesy of TNI AL, ME1 Cassandra Leong, LTA Liu Hao Yu and LTA Gregory Teo.