Passage Exercise in the Bay of Bengal

25 Feb 22

(All sailing personnel had been isolated and tested negative for COVID-19 prior to the deployment)

Our Formidable-class Frigate RSS Tenacious met up with the Anzac-class Frigate HMAS Arunta from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for a passage exercise (PASSEX) in the Bay of Bengal on 24 Feb 2022. Both ships were en route for the multilateral naval exercise MILAN. 

RSS Tenacious and HMAS Arunta conducted communication and manoeuvring exercise serials during the PASSEX. 

Monitoring HMAS Arunta's bearing during the manoeuvring exercise (MANEX) serial. MANEX requires precision and tight teamwork amongst the bridge team. Always a good test of skills for young officers aspiring to earn their Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate!

RSS Tenacious' Communication Systems Experts listening carefully during the publication exercise (PUBEX) serial. It's a test of how well they understand the coded signals found in communication publications that military ships use!

Similar to PUBEX, the flag hoist exercise serial is also another way for ships to communicate using coded signals, except instead of sending it via radio messages, we use nautical flags!

Our Navy conducts regular training and exercises with many regional partners, such as the RAN, to stay operational despite COVID-19. These regular interactions also strengthen our mutual understanding and trust. 
We are glad to meet our friends from the RAN out at sea and look forward to future exercises together.

Concluding the PASSEX with a farewell sailpast – Fair Winds & Following Seas!

Photos courtesy of CPT Ho Shin Jin and CPT Darren Lim.