Welcoming Chief of Royal New Zealand Navy to Singapore

06 Jun 22

Kia ora! We welcomed the Chief of Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy RADM David Proctor to RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base today. RADM Proctor called on our Chief of Navy RADM Aaron Beng, where both leaders reaffirmed the close and longstanding bilateral relationship and shared on how they were looking forward to strengthening cooperation between both navies. 

RADM Proctor visited our Information Fusion Centre (IFC) at the Changi Command and Control Centre where we shared how the IFC contributes towards ensuring maritime security in the region and beyond. IFC also owes its success to strong cooperation with partners in the region and attached International Liaison Officers – such as LCDR Mark Ronald Douglas from the Royal New Zealand Navy (right).

We hope that it was fruitful visit to RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base! 

Photos courtesy of PTE Ryan Yeo.