Bravo Zulu to Our Navy graduates from 43/19 Specialist Cadet Course

29 May 20

(Caption of photo above) Looking back, the Specialist Cadet Course was a memorable and fulfilling learning experience for 3SG Dylan Gan (pictured right). Not only did he get to make new friends and learn different perspectives - especially from those who came back from overseas to serve their NS.

3SG Gan also learnt how to work as a team and forged camaraderie with his fellow navy cadets. "During the last few weeks of the course, we grew closer as a team. We understood each other's strengths and weaknesses."



"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be." (Rosalynn Carter)

Despite facing challenges and changes over the 22-week training, our navy specialist cadets from the 43/19 Specialist Cadet Course kept their grit and persevered. Last week, they graduated as newly-minted leaders ready to take on their new appointments on board our operational ships and units. 

Bravo Zulu to our navy graduates! All the best for the next part of your navy journey - Onwards & Upwards!

For the navy's Golden Bayonet recipient, 3SG Talekar Yash (pictured with his parents) was excited when he began his training as a Deck and Weapon Specialist with the navy. "I saw it as an opportunity to push myself further from what I previously learnt during BMT."

Besides having to adapt to a new environment, 3SG Talekar also learnt naval customs and traditions, how to be proficient with various types of firearms, seamanship, rope work, and how to be a lookout whilst sailing.

Through all this, 3SG Talekar kept himself going by holding fast to the motto - "to work as a single unit, a single ship, one family". Looking ahead, 3SG Talekar is excited about the next phase of his NS journey - to contribute and sail on board his ship RSS Endeavour!

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and an honour to be a sailor with the Republic of Singapore Navy, so I would like to enjoy this journey and wherever it takes me."