Uphold the Legacy

29 Jun 20

Defence Executive Officers (DXOs) are very much a part of our navy family and Ms Tan Ei Huan is one of them!

Ms Tan joined the Navy Medical Service (NMS) because she wanted to serve in the public service with her professional expertise and passion. As a Medical Training Nursing Officer, Ms Tan develops the training programs and conducts medical training for navy personnel. 

"Medical is a crucial line of defence. We need to value the importance of medical training so that NMS continues to be operationally ready - and thus ready to support the navy's operations!"

Having served in NMS for over three years, Ms Tan recognises that she has a part to play in ensuring that training is done right so that the next generation can continue to succeed. "I will continue to give my best and put my best foot forward in what I do here at NMS. I hope that the future generations will continue to uphold our legacy and give their best into protecting and preserving our country's independence."
This year, Ms Tan will receive a promotion in rank to DX10. BZ to Ms Tan! We salute your tireless effort to ensure that we, and our future generations of the navy family, are trained to be ready!