Moving Beyond His Comfort Zone

28 Jun 20

"When I was younger, I would hesitate to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges because of the possibility of failure." - CPT Daniel Hu. But he also shared that his early experiences in the navy and the belief that his seniors had in him changed his mindset and gave him the confidence to venture into the unknown.

Having spent his formative years being deployed for 24/7 patrols in our waters, CPT Hu quickly learnt that situations can change, that he had to adapt and think on his feet, and not be paralysed because there was "no SOP for every scenario". Being a part of Maritime Security operations also imbued a sense of duty in CPT Hu. 

Thus, when given the opportunity, CPT Hu volunteered to be a part of the RSN-led Forward Support Assurance Team (FAST), which provided support to the Leo Dormitory to contain COVID-19 (shown on the right). CPT Hu was the Medical OIC and recounted how the team had to quickly adapt to establish workflow for medical operations because we were not trained for this. "The situation at every dormitory is different, there were no references to follow, and we had to apply common sense, learn along the way and refine the process."

Learning from his experiences with dormitory operations, CPT Hu once again volunteered for a second tour at JTF (Assurance) HQ to coordinate the transition of these migrant workers. "I volunteered because I believe in what I am doing and I answered a call to fulfil my duty to the national fight against COVID-19."

CPT Hu will receive his promotion this year to the rank of Major. Congratulations to CPT Hu, and BZ for being an inspiration to others to venture into the unknown!