Congratulations to Our SAF Volunteer Corps Promotees

28 Jul 20

(Caption of photo above) "It is more than just a duty, it is my commitment to the defence of Singapore because this is my home… Whenever I come back to the Naval Bases for attachment, I feel like I am coming home to visit my family." – SV2 Prasanna Ramkumar, Naval Systems Engineer, SAFVC.

As a new citizen, Prasanna volunteered to join the Volunteer Corps as he wanted to be a role model for his son who will serve National Service in the future. In his four years with the Navy, this mechanical engineer joined the Naval Logistics Command engineering team to review the platform systems of our Littoral Mission Vessels (LMV).



One hopes to be a role model for his son while the another had dreams of becoming a sailor. SV2 Prasanna Ramukumar and SV2 Chan Gin Ni are two SAFVCs volunteers who answered the call of duty and were promoted this year.

We congratulate Prasanna and Gin Ni on their promotion and all our other SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) promotees. We're glad that you are part of our Navy Family! 

SV2 Chan Gin Ni is an avid triathlete who trains in East Coast Park every week and she would pause to look out at the waters and imagine what her life would be if she was a sailor.

"I never knew how busy Singapore Strait is and how challenging it would be to navigate through the congested traffic." SV2 Chan Gin Ni, Bridge Watchkeeper, SAFVC.

It was an eye opening experience for Gin Ni on her first sea deployment on board the Landing Ship Tank (LST) as she saw how the crew expertly manoeuvred the 141-metre 6,500-ton warship through one of the narrowest and busiest waters in the world. Gin Ni continues to share her passion to protect the sea and the important role of the navy at public events, such as Navy@Vivo 2019.