Taking Our Navy to Greater Heights

27 Jun 20

As a ship coxswain, ME3 Anna Chua takes on many roles depending on the situation. She is the discipline master, counsellor, mentor, manpower officer, and a friend. But the common thread that runs through these roles is the responsibility for her crew's well-being. 

During her time in the navy, ME3 Chua has seen many leaders who inspired her with their example, and this has influenced her own leadership style. "They were always professional at work. But I also saw a very human side to them when they took the time to get to know the ship crew, and sometimes even went the extra mile to help others without asking for anything in return. They really demonstrated the navy family spirit."

Now that she is a leader herself, she hopes to be able to share her experiences with her crew on board the Mine Countermeasure Vessel RSS Bedok, and influence them to grow to become better leaders themselves. 

"Our ship plays an important role in ensuring that our sea lines of communication remain open. While we are a strong navy today, I hope that the future generation who come after us will also be strong and not take things for granted - and take our navy to greater heights!"

This year, ME3 Chua will receive her promotion in grade to Military Expert 3 (Grade 3). Congratulations to ME3 Chua! The navy family is proud of you!