A Spirit of Uncompromising Excellence

26 Jun 20

ME2 Emmanuel Raj (pictured right) always had a keen interest in naval warfare. His passion and curiosity led him to go beyond horizons and take on new challenges. In 2017, ME2 Emmanuel assumed the Weapons Cluster Chief (WCC) appointment on board the Missile Corvette RSS Vigilance.

"To be an expert in my domain, I need to continue developing myself professionally so that I can contribute to the navy's mission. Whenever we conduct gunnery firing during local or overseas exercises with other navies, we must get it right and hit the target each and every time. The navy expects nothing less of us."

As the WCC on board, he continued to emphasise on the importance of gunnery excellence and trained his team to maintain operational readiness when they had to stay in camp as a critical ops unit. "I learnt from my seniors that we need to have passion and to believe in what we do, and to do it sincerely," he shares. This is the mantra that ME2 Emmanuel lives by as he leads his team to strive for gunnery excellence.

This year, ME2 Emmanuel will receive his promotion to the rank of Military Expert 3. BZ to ME2 Emmanuel for his spirit of uncompromising excellence! You make us proud!