Handing Over the Helm from a Great Leader to the Next

23 Mar 20

"This navy, our navy, a strong navy, has been built on the backs of the giants that have come before us. And today, we pay tribute to one of these individuals, RADM Lew Chuen Hong – our Chief of Navy for the last three years." – RADM Aaron Beng

This morning, RADM Lew handed over the helm to RADM Beng. During his tenure, RADM Lew not only maintained operational excellence for the navy, but also spearheaded future developments to ensure that our navy is ready for tomorrow's challenges. 

"The Navy is the frontline and the last-line – and I speak for all of us when I say we are fiercely proud of our Navy and our Singapore.

It has therefore been my honour and privilege, to serve with every one of you, and to have done my small part - to be a Pioneer of our Generation. Onwards and upwards." – RADM Lew

The navy wishes RADM Lew fair winds and following seas!