Some Things Remain Constant

19 May 20

(Caption of photo above) Given the importance of maritime security, it is essential for boarding operations to continue even in these trying times. In the time of COVID-19, the teams have tweaked their operational procedures when they board vessels.



COVID-19 and the circuit breaker measures have changed our lives but some things remain constant. For our maritime nation, the sea continues to be one of the ways for our much needed necessities to reach us. 

Thus, our Accompanying Sea Security Teams (ASSeTs) from 180 SQN continue boarding operations on vessels coming into Singapore, deterring terrorists from hijacking them, ensuring that they are not carrying illegal immigrants (or terrorists!) and contraband items. All to ensure our waters are kept safe!

Wearing latex gloves underneath their leather gloves, surgical masks, as well as eye protection goggles. These are additional Personal Protection Equipment to keep our servicemen safe and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

PTE Nigel Lim (pictured left) shares that although he misses being able to go home while he is deployed for operations, the camaraderie shared amongst teammates makes his time away easier.

"We motivate each other to spend our free time wisely, and we even have a mileage contest to challenge each other!"

NSF Team Leader, 2LT Jeremiah Tay's (pictured right) Operational Ready Date (ORD) is due this November, and the 20-year old is considering extending his National Service. Reflecting on his NS journey, he feels a need to put what he has learnt in Officer Cadet School to good use.

"There is little I can do to help the nation fight the pandemic directly, but keeping our waters safe and secure is my contribution to keeping our nation running amidst the covid-19 pandemic."