Nothing Stands in Their Way of Success

18 Sep 20

(Caption of photo above) Award Winners of the 53rd Combat Diver Course.



Congratulations to our newly-minted divers who just graduated from the 53rd combat diver course. Hear four stories from the batch.


"I enjoyed the various vetoes that we had to pass as it gave me opportunities to improve myself each time, and also to motivate my batch boys through the grueling evolutions." - 3SG Joshua Chong, Top Graduate (left).

3SG Chong believes that a successful naval diver cannot excel alone.

"As a stronger swimmer, I helped my batch boys improve in the various water evolutions, so that we could all complete them within the set timings."

"Little things such as a 'I believe in you, you can do it!', and a 'Let's get it done together', were ways that I was able to positively motivate my batch boys." - 3SG Lim Hao Wen, Distinguished Graduate (extreme left)

For 3SG Lim, the defining moment came during Hellweek when his boatmates pushed through physical and mental fatigue together to give their all in a Paddle Run in the wee hours of the morning.

"I hope to be a diver that my buddies and NDU can rely on when the time comes. To better myself and learn new skills. To make memories that I can look back upon. And finally, make friends that no matter where we go in life, will always have each other's' backs."

"One of my greatest challenges was the sea swim. I remember the times during foundation phase when I, along with a few other batchmates, were always handpicked to carry out additional 2km sea swims. But I persevered and I improved my swim timings by doing additional flutter kick training." - CPL Sriraman Pritheksh, Fire in the Gut Award Winner

CPL Sriraman embodied the unquenchable determination of a warrior. Throughout the course, he consistently set a series of small goals so that he could progressively improve, showing incremental improvements in timings for each veto.

"The Combat Diver Course is not for the faint of heart. At the end of the day, mental strength is most important attribute, more important than physical strength."

"My physical condition was not the best amongst my peers but I was determined to dedicate my time during the course to improve it. I maintained a PT (physical training) regime on top of training in camp and worked harder on areas that I know I'm weaker at." - 3SG Brendan Chiong, Best in Physical Training Award Winner.

Circuit Breaker did not put a stop to the physical training for 3SG Chiong. His hard work paid off and he excelled in all evolutions and vetos, consistently outperforming his peers.