Protector of Our Bases

18 Sep 20

(Caption of photo above) Presenting our new sea soldiers.



"Every ship in the RSN call Changi and Tuas Naval Base their home. Just as these ships defend the every day of Singaporeans and our economic lifelines, you must see yourself as defending the every day of these ships and their crew in the bases."  LTC Yeo Hwee Tiong, Dy Comd 9th Flotilla

Yesterday, 44 trainees graduated from the 52nd Sea Soldier Leader Course and the 65th Sea Soldier Course. They will be joining the team at 9th Flotilla to protect our bases from land and sea threats.

"(Though the course), I have gained a new appreciation for the Sea Soldiers who guard our waters 24/7, who are on alert to ensure that our bases are safe from any external threats." – 3SG Benjamin Seet (right).

"Coming over to the Sea Soldier Leader Course (SSLC), we were given exposure to not just landward security, but the seaward side as well. It's really quite interesting to see how the various elements work in tandem to ensure that the gazetted waters of our bases are kept safe from external threats."

The best trainee from the SSLC is proud to be part of the Navy family and is looking forward to part of the team that keeps our base safe.

"One of my commanders had shared with us 'If you can't do great things, do small things great'. I feel that this is particularly relevant for all of us as there may be days where we do mundane things like operating the gates and barriers in the base. All these can be small things, but are important ones nonetheless. Take heart in whatever you're doing, and know that the work you do is still vital." - PTE Joel Soejanto (right)

As he moves on to take on his job in 9th Flotilla, PTE Soejanto hopes to do his job well and shape many new memories with his peers.

"I remember my first day as if it was yesterday; l wasn't familiar with many in my section and the culture of the navy, but the warm hospitality and familial spirit around me quickly allowed me to settle down." – PTE Roy Kwan (right)

To PTE Kwan, it was the strong camaraderie built between his instructors and coursemates that stood out.

"One of the most memorable incidents occurred during our 3m confidence jump. One of my section mates had a severe phobia of heights and he struggled with the jump. However, with the heartfelt support and encouragement of the other trainees and trainers, he finally made the 3m dive."