The Graduation of 19/20 MDEC 2 Batch

15 Jun 20

(Caption of photo above) 19/20 MDEC2 conducted their graduation ceremony virtually, and even invited online guests to witness this milestone event!



"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together." - African proverb. This is a saying that the learners from the 19/20 Military Domain Expert Course 2 (MDEC2) embodied throughout their 8-week course. 

Coming from different parts of the navy, these 21 learners had a common goal - to grow and become competent, confident, and committed leaders. While the course was designed to help the learners hone their leadership skills and to challenge them to grow, COVID-19 inadvertently also became a lesson in learning how to adapt and respond to dynamic changes.

The 19/20 MDEC 2 batch graduated late last month and creatively arranged for a virtual graduation ceremony! BZ to everyone from the course - we are proud of the resilience and commitment that you have demonstrated. It is now time to continue onwards and upwards!

The instructors and facilitators found many creative ways to adapt their lessons for the MDEC2 learners in order to continue safely.

The instructors and facilitators found many creative ways to adapt their lessons for the MDEC2 learners in order to continue safely.

19/20 MDEC2 Class President ME3 Cham Gek Peng started the course with the personal goal to be a more effective leader. Looking back, she is grateful to learn many learning frameworks and leadership tools during the course.

As she reflects on the course, ME3 Cham is heartened to see her course mates grow stronger, smarter, and sharper together.

"The dedication shown by our commanders, both CO Naval Systems Engineering School ME6 Chee Zhiliang and Course Commander ME4 Tan Ah Hee, as well as the facilitators and instructors made the difference for my course mates and I."

ME3 Cham feels extremely proud and happy to complete the MDEC2 course. She looks forward to putting her newly-developed skills to work as she serves the people at Force Support Squadron as Master Chief!

One of the more memorable lessons that ME4A Low Hui Qi, Alexandra had during MDEC2 was leadership, when she and course mates learnt about the importance of their role at the Systems Readiness Engineering Centre (SREC), where she is currently serving at.

"I realise that as leaders, we have a duty and responsibility to not only our people, but to the larger navy as a whole." She also saw this responsibility demonstrated in his course commander, instructors, and facilitators when they put in countless hours to adapt to the COVID-19 situation in order to keep the course going.

Despite the multiple changes, ME4A Low still enjoyed MDEC2 alongside her course mates. "Their wealth of experience and knowledge enriched our discussions, and their energy kept me motivated through the tough times!"

ME4A Low feels a sense of achievement after completing MDEC2, but also feels saddened to part ways with her course mates. Nonetheless, she looks forward to continuing her new appointment as an Assistant Lead Engineer at SREC!

MDEC2 was an opportunity for ME4A Tan Wee Meng to better understand his role in the navy and the importance of teamwork. He was also glad that this course gave him an opportunity to learn from his course mates' experiences and inspiring stories.

"Returning back to the navy after my studies and joining MDEC2 was quite challenging. But with the help from my course mates and facilitators, especially ME4 Chua Jia Hao, I was able to learn at a better pace."

ME4A Tan is definitely happy to complete this milestone course. He is looking forward to apply what he has learnt both in school and MDEC2, and to continue to learn from others as he assumes his new appointment as an Assistant Lead Engineer, Weapon Systems Branch (Changi).

His advice to anyone embarking on a new course? "Be willing to share and work as a team. We can only succeed if we work together."

"Always begin with an end in mind regardless of the situation or constraints." - ME4A Ong Zhi Huay, Assistant Lead Engineer, SREC (M&E).

As the deputy chairman and overall coordinator of the MDEC2 graduation ceremony, ME4A Ong certainly held fast to this advice when she spearheaded the idea of having a virtual graduation ceremony.

With the help of her team members, they fine-tuned and formulated the plan that allowed the MDEC2 learners a chance to mark the successful completion of their milestone course safely amidst the COVID-19 situation.

Looking back, ME4A Ong will look back fondly at 19/20 MDEC2 as a unique experience. While most lessons had to be adapted and conducted via video teleconference, it was her course mates' tenacity and united front that made the experience memorable.