Joining the Ranks of Naval Officers

14 Mar 20

"From a humble beginning…"

Did you know that the Navy Song started out as the Midshipman School Song titled "Onwards & Upwards"? It was composed by midshipmen from the 1st Midshipman batch in 1974. The song’s lyrics were meant to describe the strong character and positive attributes of a Midshipman. 

The road to Officership was never meant to be easy. Aspiring officer cadets, or as we say in the navy - midshipmen, must earn the right to commission. Today, our midshipmen from the 88th batch will join the ranks of those who had gone before them and commission as Naval Officers!

Let's hear from two of our officers-to-be and their reflections on the journey!

(Photos courtesy of Midshipman Wing, OCS)

As MID Benson Tan (bottom frontmost) prepares for his commissioning today, he cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of achievement coursing through his veins. This same excitement is reminiscent of the first few days in Midshipman Wing except that back then, MID Tan was still trying to learn what it means to be an officer, and what kind of leader would he be.

There was no lack of learning opportunities for MID Tan during his midshipman training. Thrust into leadership appointments, MID Tan endured long planning days, overcome mental challenges, made many self-discoveries about his leadership style as he led his team.

While MID Tan's chapter at Midshipman Wing is drawing to a close, his story with the Navy is only just beginning. MID Tan led, excelled, and overcame - now it is time for him to move onwards and upwards!

Nine months ago, MID Yulea Sim (extreme left, front row) arrived at Midshipman Wing feeling a little apprehensive about what lay ahead. Compared to BMT, the responsibilities and challenges at Midshipman Wing seemed like a mountain. 

Undeterred, MID Sim took it one step at a time, learnt from her mistakes and stayed positive.

She was not alone in this uphill journey. Although there were long hours of lessons and tests, and bouts of seasickness, MID Sim had her buddy MID Doreen Quek and her batch mates who looked out for each other and lighten her spirit during challenging times.

Today, MID Sim will march proudly onto SAFTI MI's parade square with her batch mates and receive her commission as a Naval Officer. Like the many before her, she led, excelled, and overcame! Bravo Zulu!

"… never flagging in adversity, forwards we'll march on to victory!"

"… never flagging in adversity, forwards we'll march on to victory!"