Giving Their Best

07 Jul 20

(Caption of photo above) "Receiving this award does not just feel like a personal achievement, I feel that it is also a recognition to my unit because we are a team that has worked hard together over so many years." - CPT(NS) Phee Beng Chang (pictured right)

As the Operations Officer for the Fast Craft (Equipment and Personnel) Company, CPT(NS) Phee sees every In-Camp Training (ICT) as a valuable opportunity to refresh the skills he honed over the years.

"Sometimes the days are long but fulfilling because we spend the time troubleshooting, learning from our mistakes, and creating successes. But I always aim to ensure that my men have a positive experience when they come back for ICT."

Congratulations to CPT(NS) Phee for being an excellent role model to his company and for his dedication to his NS role! BZ!



Recognising our NSmen who give their best every year! They exemplified what it means to be uncompromisingly excellent and inspired their fellow NSmen to give their best as well. 

Let's hear from two of them who received the NSmen of the Year award this SAF Day!

"One of my most memorable experiences with the navy was during my training at NDU - that was when I learnt to not be held back by my doubts, and to make the seemingly impossible possible! That has shaped who I am today, and why I continue to serve wholeheartedly!" - CFC (NS) Alvin Tan Wee Chew (pictured left)

As an Accompanying Sea Security Team (ASSeT) member, CFC (NS) Tan has consistently fulfilled the high standards for physical fitness and even encouraged his peers to do the same. He also displayed excellent leadership qualities and inspired others with his passion and commitment to NS.

"I definitely feel honoured to receive this award, but the recognition also belongs to my unit because we are a team. I hope to continue and contribute in the coming years. I always look forward to coming back for ICT!"

BZ to CFC (NS) Tan for being one of our NSmen of the Year! We are proud of you!