Meaningful Impact on People's Lives

06 Aug 20

Almost every Singaporean male in National Service (NS) looks forward to their "day of freedom" when they "ORD LOH!". But 3SG Muhammad Zul Hilmi bin Jumari wanted to do the right thing, and volunteered to stay on and help his ship during the Circuit Breaker period.

"Due to cohorting, our ship was split into two teams. I was due to ORD in May but I chose to extend my service by three months to help. It was all hands on deck, but I felt it was also a bonus for me as I was able to spend more time with my friends."

The Deck Weapon Specialist on board Landing Ship Tank, RSS Endeavour, is reminded of the meaningful impact he makes to the lives of his family and friends each time he goes out to sea to safeguard Singapore's busy waters. "As a maritime nation, the sea plays an important role in our daily lives. Vessels carrying important goods such as food supplies and necessities enter Singapore via the sea each day. I feel privileged to be able to do my small part for the nation."

While 3SG Zul hasn't been able to spend much time with his family since his enlistment, he hopes to make them proud at this year's NDP. "It is an honour for me to participate in the NDP 2020 Maritime Sailpast before my ORD. Through this sailpast, I hope to show my family my contributions to the navy."

Together with his shipmates, 3SG Zul will be in his white No. 1 uniform to salute and line the deck on RSS Endeavour during the Maritime Sailpast.

"Our salute pays tribute to the frontline and essential workers, and the seafarers that contributed in keeping Singapore's maritime supply chain going during this pandemic. I hope that more Singaporeans will appreciate how closely connected our way of life is to the sea."