Joint Leadership Course

05 Oct 20

(Caption of photo above) "I was pushed to step out of my comfort zone during the course and it helped me to connect with the next generation. This course has broadened my perspectives, and equipped me with the skills and knowledge to form high performance teams and guide the next generation." – ME2 Goh Jie Fu

Having completed the Joint Leadership Course, ME2 Goh feels that he is more prepared to take on his duties in the Force Readiness Squadron.

"It is necessary to understand oneself to train others. The course helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Through this, I learnt how to be a model for the people I lead."



Over 15 weeks, 31 Navy Military Experts and Warrant Officers joined their counterparts in the Joint Leadership Course (JLC). These energised trainees will be returning to their units as leaders to train and supervise their teams.

BZ to our new JLC graduates!

"Everything begins with an end in mind as structure drives behaviours. During the course, we were taught to set goals and to define the processes required in achieving the desired outcome." – ME2 Pearlyn Leow, Distinguished Graduate

As a Command and Control Supervisor on board RSS Independence, ME2 Leow helps to translate mission intent into clear actions plans for her subordinates.

"One cannot succeed by working alone. There will always be someone who is better in the areas we are weak in. To build a strong team, situational leadership is required. A leader not only has to adopt different styles of leadership in different situations, but also need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, so that we can all work together as a team."

"The course was intense, but enriching. We were constantly challenged during the course. But I feel I am better equipped with knowledge to be a more resilient and adaptive leader back in the Naval Diving Unit." – 3WO Kenneth Lee

It was not all smooth sailing for 3WO Lee during the course, but he made it through with the support of his wife and coursemates.

"Having to balance family life and schoolwork was not easy as there were times where I could not be there with my family. I was lucky that my wife is very important was 100% behind me and shouldered the responsibilities when I am not around so that I could fully concentrate on learning."